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Skyscraper Novelty Co. LLC  looks to the past to make games for the future....

We build games for  Operators....   
To Make Money!

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We KNOW operators.... We ARE operators.

And what operators want is an entertaining game that is:

  • Fun for all ages.

  • Priced lower than competitive games.

  • Built strong to minimize service calls.

  • Attractive to players.

  • An EVERGREEN game that gets the dollars!  Not a fad.

Cornhole is played outdoors everywhere, but we're bringing the fun indoors with a game you can operate in ANY location. 

Cornhole Challenge has a retro styled cabinet and a video backglass that will appeal to young and old.  Cornhole Challenge plays just as fun with our custom sounds and music as it does when it's in SILENT MODE....

Think of the new locations that will not allow a noisy game that Cornhole Challenge will open up for you: Coffeeshops, Hospitals, Offices, Care Facilities....  
With an extremely shallow depth (24"), Cornhole Challenge can even be placed in  hallways, opening new opportunities where standard games will not fit.... Or place them back-to-back for 2 games in one space!

CLEAR game facing left cornhole for website.png
CLEAR game facing left cornhole for website.png

Cornhole Challenge accurately simulates the fun and excitement of the  game of Cornhole, with real skill needed to reach those top scores.  Standard game play is 3 rounds per player throwing 4 bags per round  (approximately 2-3 mins).   An operator selectable setting of Tournament Mode allows regulation Cornhole play for locations that wish to hold tournaments.

With our Spinwheel Technology there is basically one moving  part, and it is metal and almost indestructible!  
No more smashed guns
or broken joysticks, and you'll have infrequent, if any, service calls.  Your only visit to the locations will be to empty the cash box!
   This game just runs, and runs....

The Team

Skyscraper Novelty is teamed by operators and designers of custom built and commercial arcade games.   Distributors and operators who are early purchasers of Cornhole Challenge will have first access to buying our new games that are now in the design stage. 

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